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Young Alfred Noyes

Alfred Noyes was born September 16, 1880 in Wolverhampton, England, and died June 25, 1958. During his early work, he claimed he was "Seeking to follow the careless and happy feet of children back into the kingdom of those dreams which are the sole reality worth living and dying for; those beautiful dreams, or, those fantastic jests." He married Garnett Daniels, and had three children. Because of his popular poems, he was able to live off of royalty checks. In 1928, he made his home in Lisle Combe, St Lawrence, Isle of Wight. He wrote a volume of poems about his home called Orchard's Bay in 1939. He wrote an epic that came in three volumes called, The Torch Bearers. The three volumes were called, Watchers of the Sky, The Book of Earth, and The Last Voyage. Another one of his most famous poems was called, The Highwayman. Noyes' work was criticized a lot because he was now following the modern movement. When his wife died, Noyes' style changed his style primarily to Catholic poems such as The Unknown God and If Judgement Comes. Noyes went to Exeter College, in Oxford but left before earning a degree. He published his first collection of poems in 1902 called The Loom Years. Noyes also wrote a popular poem called, Alzuna.

In Noyes' later later years, he wrote and published a science fiction novel titles, The Last Man. The story takes place in the future when a powerful death ray is created that is capable of wiping out the human race. The only way to defend from it is to stay in steel chambers deep under the ocean. It received very great praise from many other authors and critics alike. The story was also one of the first to introduce the idea of a 'dooms-day' weapon.

The last poem that Noyes wrote was called "Ballade of the Breaking Shell", about a month before he died. He died at in the age of 77 in 1958, in the Roman Catholic Cemetery in Freshwater, Isle of Wright.

Alfred Noyes in his older years
Alfred Noyes in his older years

Another picture of Alfred Noyes
Another picture of Alfred Noyes

A list of some of his poems include
  • Collected Poems Vol I (1910)
  • Collected Poems Vol II (1910)
  • Collected Poems Vol III (1920)
  • Edge of The Abyss (1944)
  • A Letter to Lucian, and Other Poems (1956)
  • Orchard's Bay (1939)
  • Poems (1914)
  • A Salut to the Fleet, and other Poems (1915)
  • Selected Verse (1921)
  • The Torch Bearers Volume I- Watchers of The Sky (1922)
  • The Torch Bearers Volume II- The Book of Earth (1925)
  • The Torch Bearers Volume III- The Last Voyage (1934)
  • The Unknown God (1934)
  • The Highwayman (1906)


"The forest of Alzuna hides a pool.
Beside that pool, a shadowy tree up-towers.
High on that tree, a bough most beautiful
Bends with the fragrant burden of its flowers.
Among those flowers a nest is buried deep.
Warm in that nest, there lies a freckled shell.
Packed in that shell, a bird is fast asleep.
This is the incantation and the spell."

"For, when the north wind blows, the bird will cry,
Warm in my freckled shell, I lie asleep.
The freckled shell is in the nest on high.
The nest among the flowers is buried deep.
The flowers are on a bough most beautiful.
The bough is on a tree no axe can fell.
The sky is at its feet in yonder pool.
This is the incantation and the spell!”

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