Anne Sexton

By: Hayley, Alexis, and Hannah

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Time line:

1928-She was born Nov. 9, 1928 Massachusetts
1945-mother wanted her “cured of her wild ways” and sent her to Rogers Hall, a prep school
1960-Her first book was published in 1960. The name was "To Bedlam and Part Way Back"
1967-nominated for numerous awards, won Pulitzer in 1967
1948-Married Alfred Muller Sexton II, aka Kayo1970- She began teaching poetry

Personal Life:

Anne Sexton was an interesting woman. There is a lot to say about her personal life. First of all, She was born in Newton, Massachusetts.She eloped (ran away) with Alfred Sexton in 1948. They ended up getting married. Her husband worked with the Navy. Anne enrolled in modeling class at Hart Agency. Anne was close friends with Sylvia Path. In July 1953, not long after Alfred left to sea, Anne gave birth to Linda Gray Sexton. In 1954 Anne received counseling for recurring depression. She was very troubled with bipolar disorder. The therapist suggested poetry as therapy. That is when her career as a poet started In 1956 her mental condition worsened.Meanwhile Anne's children were sent to her husband’s parent's house while she was in therapy.She also attempted to commit suicide for the first time on her birthday.They moved back to Massachusetts because of financial problems.In May, 1957 she had her second attempt on suicide. Anne's condition isn't getting better. In1973 she was hospitalized three times and received a divorce from her husband. She finally died from suicide at age 46 from carbon monoxide poisoning on October 4, 1974.

Poem Information:

There is a lot that we could say about Anne Sexton and her poems. Poetry was her therapy. Her therapist recommended it because of her depression. She had been criticized a lot for talking about menstruation, abortion, and drug addiction in her poems. Her poems were about mental illness, her sexuality, parents, and her children. Her first book was called "To Bedlam and Part Way back". That book of poems was published in 1960. Her second book was " All My Pretty Ones". I am not sure when that one was published. She had a Pulitzer prize book. Anne Sexton used poetry to get out her feelings

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English: Grave of Anne Sexton, located at Forest Hills Cemetery in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.
Date 13 October 2008(2008-10-13)

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