How To’s
This page will have information and tutorials for how to do things on the Wiki as well as how to create uploadable creative works for your Project.First, let's find out what a wiki is:

Additional Tutorials:
* You can find all the information you need below OR you may click on the “Help” link in the upper right hand side of the wiki (Where you logged in.)
* Scroll down, find the section labeled “Get More Help.”
* Click on “Watch our Video Tour.”

* To watch different videos, you will need to click on the “Choose a Tour” pull down menu, and find the video you would like to see.
*You are welcome to use any of the “help” info offered there as well.

Add Hyperlinks
*To add hyperlinks, click the insert link icon:*Be sure to choose External Link.
*Type in the Link Text (the name of the website, NOT the URL) along with any description of the site.
*Copy and paste the URL in the address box, then click OK.
Font Color and Style
1. Edit your page..
2. Highlight the text you wish to format.
3. Click on the text formatting icon in the toolbar.
4. Format the text as you wish and click “Apply Style.”You can also type up what you need in Microsoft Word, and then copy and paste into your page.

Insert Pictures and Files
You can include pictures and files in your pages easily using the visual editor. When in the visual editor:
  • Click the image icon which looks like a little picture and says "File" next to it.
  • Use the '+ Upload Files' to upload a picture or file that has been saved to your H or P drive on the network or from a flash drive or CD.
  • Put the cursor at the position on the page where you wish to put the image or file
  • Find the image or file in the Images & Files dialogue box
  • Double click the image or file to put it on the page
Using PhotoStory (You are welcome to use Windows Movie Maker instead.)
To prepare, create a folder on the computer with the pictures for your PhotoStory, a Word document with the script for your PhotoStory and the music file you have chosen as background music for your PhotoStory.
  • Collect all pictures and save in a folder on the P drive. (Back up on your H drive)
  • Fill out "Story Map" - which picture order, titles, narration, etc. (find on "Handouts" page) or see Mrs. Lubich
  • Open PhotoStory 3
  • Insert desired pictures, click and slide to put in order
  • Create title & any other picture titles.
  • Type notes for narration
  • Click record button and narrate each slide
  • Add music (from Photostory)
  • Preview show and edit if necessary
  • Be sure to SAVE, by “browsing” to save to your H drive wiki folder. (You will also need to save it in your folder in the 743 folder on the P: Public drive so your teammates may also access your project.)
  • You can upload it to your wiki as a photostory file (meaning don't go through with turning it into a .wmv file) so that teammates from the other school can add their portion to the video.
  • The last person will need to complete the video and turn it into the .wmv file and then insert it into the wiki.

Inserting Your Movie into Your Wiki
  1. Place your cursor on the page where you want the video.
  2. Click on the “File” button while in edit mode.
  3. Click on “+ Upload File.”
  4. Find your movie in the folder (be sure it’s a .wmv file NOT .wp3) & click it.
  5. Once it uploads to the wiki, click on it once.
  6. Preview and then save.