How can I be the change I want to see in the world?

Project Information:

WorldBook is in need of more information regarding various poets, their poetry, visual interpretation of the poetry, and what sort of change they’ve created or attempted. Because you’ve been and will be studying poetry, they felt asking you to complete this task as a webpage would be a natural fit. Read through the rest of the wiki to find out what your expectations are and how you will complete this.
You will demonstrate your knowledge of your poet and his or her writing by gathering data (from textbook, websites, and online databases) and creating an informative & creative webpage on our Poetry Wiki. Your project will include different types of information & products as explained below.

Your project should: 1) show what you know about your poet; 2) demonstrate teamwork, with all members contributing significant information and knowledge; 3) demonstrate understanding of the change, if any, your poet has inspired; and 4) should have a layout that is well ordered for others to be able to find your information & pictures.
All words need to be your own! Do NOT cut and paste anything from the Internet.

The required parts of your wiki page are as follows:
Part 1: Informational presentation
Page title (that looks like a title) & creator’s names (Remember NO last names.)
Pictures minimum (3-5) with captions
List of basic facts- Create a list with a minimum of 10 important quantitative & qualitative facts about your topic.
Changes created by poet
Example of a poem.
Video (see below)
Works Cited – You must use at least 2 sources per person. (At least one must be a print source.)

Part 2: Creative presentation: Create a short interpretational movie on a poem written by your poet
Pick a poem as a group that you like and create a visual interpretation of it with each person reading certain sections and having pictures which you feel explain or go with the poem.

Video Requirements:
Title & authors (no last names)
This is to be a "visual interpretation" of one of your poet's poems.
Rough draft/"story map" which lays out the movie- pictures & narration (per person)
Pictures/maps/graphs (can NOT be copyrighted!)
Video is 1-3 minutes in length; LOW background music, narration, title & credits.